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Wednesday, 21 November 2012


After the success of Visit Terengganu Year 2008, Terengganu State is taking further steps in rebranding its tourism campaigns with ‘Visit Terengganu Year 2013’.

The rebranding of Terengganu through its Visit Terengganu Year 2013 logo with a more vibrant look, will further stir awareness through better association with the tourism products and destinations.

Visit Terengganu Year 2013 Logo Rational:

The new logo with the distinctive turtle and the beach are synonymous which implies the 244 km stretch of beaches that forms the coastal front overlooking the bluish South China Sea.

The natural colours of terracotta representing the State’s rich history while the yellow colour indicates the prominent Malay Sultanate heritage.

Lush treasures of greeneries and million year old rainforest are depicted with green colour representing the rich, diverse and exotic flora & fauna forming geographical terrains of the State.

The red colour of the sun implies the vibrant and sunny season almost all year round, suitable for a great holiday with all the beach and island activities.

The generations of creative innovation produces the intricate designs of Terengganu’s exquisite wood carvings as well as the unique brassware making, songket weaving and batik designs. The passionate skills and flair are still prominently displayed by local craftsmen.

The yacht represents the people’s passion towards sailing. Historically, Terengganu’s traditional boats used to ply within destinations in the South East Asia establishing commercial relationship. The yacht is also symbolically represents the prestigious Monsoon Cup Terengganu held annually within the vicinity of Pulau Duyung, famous for its traditional boat building.

The bluish waters, other than representing the coastal South China Sea and the archipelago of islands, it also represents Kuala Terengganu as the Waterfront Heritage City.

Terengganu is a destination so complete that will satisfy all the visitors’ senses and desires for a holiday getaway. A holiday sampling the best the state has to offer, all in one destination with unique elements of tourism products and destinations being categorized into 8 clusters of attraction as follows:

1. Kuala Terengganu, the Waterfront Heritage City
2. Islands and Beaches
3. Lake Kenyir
4. History and Heritage
5. Arts and Culture
6. Wetland
7. Waterfalls
8. Turtle

Especially for Lake Kenyir, the biggest man-made lake in Souith East Asia, the State government is taking initiatives to further enhance its image as a prominent eco tourism destination. With new upcoming developments such as a duty free island and its ‘Kenyir Island Hopping’ attractions that consists of Birds Park, Orchid Park, Tropical Park, Butterflies Park and Kenyir Eco Park, Lake Kenyir will one of the ‘must visit’ destination in Terengganu.

Lake Kenyir is fast becoming a destination for bird watching activity with species of local and migratory birds found abundant. Other existing attraction such as Kelah Freshwater Fish Sanctuary, Elephant Sanctuary, Herbal Island, various waterfalls and caves has been the choice of nature lovers looking for serenity and adventure.

Terengganu is a cool and a perfect place to retreat and unwind. Explore Terengganu for a natural high of taste sensations, scenic beauty, adventure activities and the excitement of reliving a colourful tradition and heritage kept alive.

Terengganu is the living museum of awesome million years old tropical rainforests with its exotic flora and fauna which are a snapshot of an ancient era where ancient evergreen forests are carved with waterfalls tumbling into clear pools while rugged landscapes of greens sweep down to golden beaches and azure seas.

Terengganu’s archipelagoes of emerald islands offer such a profusion of sandy beaches, sheltered bays, quiet covers and idyllic such as Perhentian, Lang Tengah, Redang, Bidong, Kapas and Tenggol, each with their own unique nature, beach and underwater attractions, with sapphire blue waters, white sandy beaches, jungle trekking, diving, and an all time favourite—sun bathing—These are just a few things to be found and experienced at any of the islands.

With the Visit Terengganu Year 2013 campaign and its slogan; “Beautiful State, Beautiful Culture”, all destination-based events and programs will create a ripple of an impact in the international scene. Events like The Kenyir Lake International Triathlon, World Gamelan Music Festival, Terengganu International Squid Jigging, Sultan Mizan Cup (Horse Riding Endurance), Terengganu International Rainforest Challenge, Terengganu International Surfing and of course the prestigious Monsoon Cup Terengganu which will grace the coverage of local and international media.


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Notes To Editors:
Being one of the 14 States in Malaysia, Terengganu is conveniently situated in the East Coast of the Malay Peninsular.

Terengganu covers a land area of 12,995 sq km with 244 km of scenic coastline overlooking South China Sea. With an equatorial location at 4 degrees 45 north and 103 degrees 0 east, Terengganu boasts a fine tropical climate, with uniform temperatures averaging from 23-33 degrees Celsius and a mean humidity of about 90%. Terengganu’s seven districts of Besut, Dungun, Hulu Terengganu, Kemaman, Kuala Terengganu, Marang and Setiu are distinctive with their own unique tourism products and destinations, with the Heritage Waterfront City of Kuala Terengganu, as the state capital.

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