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Monday, 1 October 2012


Taking place on the South Bank for the first year, following Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge’s visit, Malaysia Week London 2012 is ready to show off Malaysia’s vibrant culture with Malaysian music, fashion, dance, arts, crafts and food. Over the course of five days, visitors will gain a fascinating insight into what Malaysia has to offer with a wide range of attractions, demonstrations and performances.  

The event officially launches on 6 October with around 200 guests in attendance and a whole host of VIP’s. Kicking off for the general public on 7 October, visitors can expect to be entertained by cultural and arts performances, with particular highlights including traditional dances depicting the Malays, Chinese, Indian, Ethnic Sabah and Sarawak cultures. For those who are more musically inclined there will also be performances of Malaysia contemporary music to enjoy and dance along to, as well as stage performances from Istana Budaya’s traditional Malaysian Orchestra. 

The cultural experience continues with demonstrations, exhibitions and displays of traditional crafted items.  Visitors will have the opportunity not only to learn more about these items but to also purchase those that take their fancy. The beautiful batik fabric that is synonymous with traditional Malaysian dress and often used as interior decoration will also take centre stage during Malaysia Week London, with demonstrations allowing visitors to unravel the secrets behind its creation. The journey continues with a display of the beautiful batik and songket fabrics that is both entertaining and educational as Malaysian models proudly showcase the traditional textiles with a fashion show. There will also be the possibility for visitors to explore the use of other local resources with an exhibition of pewter and fruit carvings allowing for a calmer insight into Malaysian traditions.

Why not take home a slice of Malaysian culture and visit the exhibitions of Malaysian art pieces? For those collectors who may wish to invest in authentic artwork, six Malaysian artists will be visiting the event to showcase a variety of paintings and artistic sculptures allowing visitors to meet the creators of their favourite pieces.

Amongst the many pleasures of visiting rural Malaysia is sampling local foods and the possibility of witnessing, or even participating in, traditional games. These games lovers and foodies have not been forgotten. Tastebuds will be tantalised as the event plays host to tastings of Teh Tarik, Roti Canai, Ice Kacang and traditional fruits.  Games lovers will be able to have a go at playing traditional Malaysian games such as Congkak, Batu Seremban and Sepak Bulu Ayam. 

Malaysia Week, London is being held on London’s South Bank and has event days running from 6 – 10 October.


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Malaysia Airlines fly daily from London Heathrow to Kuala Lumpur International Airport with Visa’s purchased on arrival for British passport holders.
Year round events include the Royal Langkawi International Regatta in January, the Petronas Malaysian Grand Prix in March, the Malaysia International Shoe Festival in April, Colours of Malaysia Cultural Festival in May, Malaysia’s Summer Contemporary Arts Tourism Festival, Malaysia Annual International Gourmet Festival in October and the Summer and End of Year Mega Sales Carnivals with many other notable events throughout the year.
Malaysia has a tropical climate and is a very welcoming multi-cultural society home to some of the best spa resorts in the world. 
Malaysian cuisine is as diverse as the nation itself, fusing the culinary traditions and flavours of Malay, Chinese, Indian, Arabian and European cooking. 

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