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Thursday, 15 March 2012


Malaysia has an incredible diversity of birds for visitors to spot owing to its ranking among the world’s 12 mega biodiverse countries. Over 185 migrant birds visit Malaysia each year and there are about 570 bird species residing permanently in the misty forests and swampy mangroves, 52 of which are endemic to Borneo such as the Bornean Wren Babbler and 4 endemic to Peninsular Malaysia. There are also opportunities to spot rare and globally threatened birds, such as the Lesser Adjutant Stork and Nordmann’s Greenshank in Penang, the Blue Banded Kingfisher and Masked Finfoot in Taman Negara.

Once again Malaysia will be exhibiting at the bird watching event of the year, the Rutland Birdfair. The Birdfair exhibition is the largest annual international bird watching event taking place from 17 Friday until 19 August 2012. Visitors will have the chance to learn about the array of Malaysia’s exquisite bird species including raptors like the unmistakable Blyth’s Hawk Eagle or the Black-thighed Falconet, a spectacular bird of prey smaller than a starling, as well as Belum Rainforest, an island located within the majestic Temenggor Lake and one of Malaysia’s premier bird watching holiday destinations.

Both these raptors and a further 247 species can be spotted at Malaysia’s Fraser Hill, one of the 55 Important Bird Areas (IBA) throughout the country. Between 23 and 24 June 2012 Fraser’s Hill hosts an annual international called the Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race that requires bird watchers to race against the clock to sight as many bird species as possible. Birders can spot babblers, woodpeckers, pelicans, egrets, spoonbills and rails amongst a whole host of other bird species – the bird watching possibilities in Malaysia are endless.

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Facts about birds in Borneo:
Borneo has 52 endemic species.
Sabah has 48 endemic species.
3 more endemics (Dulit Patridge,Dulit Frogmouth & Borneon Black Oriole) found in Sarawak and
1 more endemic (Black-browed Babbler) found in Kalimantan only

Endemic birds in Sabah:

1. Borneon Bristlehead
2. Whitehead's Trogon
3. Whitehead's Broadbill
4. Whitehead's Spiderhunter
5. Borneon Ground-Cuckoo
6. Borneon Barbet
7. Borneon Leafbird
8. Borneon Whistler
9. Borneon Bulbul
10. Borneon Treepie
11. Borneon Stubtail
12. Friendly Bush-warbler
13. Borneon Laughing Thrush
14. Borneon Whistling Thrush
15. Borneon Forktail
16. Borneon Blue Flycatcher
17. Borneon Flowerpecker
18. Borneon Ibon
19. Fruithunter
20. Mt. Black-eye.

Malaysia’s birdwatching events

1. Raptor Watch Tanjung Tuan, Melaka, 10 – 11 March 2012
For more information, please visit:

2. Fraser’s Hill International Bird Race Fraser Hill, Pahang, 23 – 24 June 2012
For more information, please visit:

For more information about Belum Rainforest please visit:

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